US Smart Outlines

Set on: 

  • Requires standard vector data in correct locations. Change these locations with the buttons in the center of the form.   
  • The checkboxes determine whether the data will be shown on DEM, imagery.
  • The edit boxes determine the map pixel size in meters at which the data will appear.
  • Pick colors and line widths
  • County and State outlines might not match those from the TIGER which are more precise
  • Colors and line widths picked for counties, states, and the Fenneman provinces are also used with the "Overlay, US properties" menu choice.

This will display files without a database table being opened.  If you want database table, open files with "Database, Standard, Counties" menu choice

For another country, you could use GADM data or Natural Earth.  You can put the levels you want for the state and county files here.

Last revision 1/6/2018