VAT Grid Display

VAT stands for "value attribute table".  It goes with  a 16 bit integer grid, with values in the range of -32000 to 32000,  or an 8 bit byte with values from 0 - 255.  For each value in the grid, it provides a definition of the value, a color to use for display, and the number of points in the grid with that value.

This uses a file with the same name as the grid, and the extension ".VAT.DBF".  If the file exists, this will be the default display.

You can switch to this display with a right click on the map window, and change the display parameter, If the ".VAT.DBF". does not exist, you can create it by copying a DBF file with the categories and the names, or the program will create a blank file and you will have to enter to names for the categories.

Edit the category names, and the display colors, by editing the ".VAT.DBF" file.

Get a legend with the File, Legend option.

This option was designed for the Landfire Existing vegetation Type, and might need additional work for other data sets.  We have a DBF with the vegetation categories, which you can pick when it asks you to copy a definitions file to create the VAT.DBF file.

It  works with the files produced by exporting a Geotiff from ArcGIS.

last modified 2/26/2021