Vector Map Options Tab

Tab on the options form, brought up from the Options menu selection.

  • Vector Map size: default size of vector maps. Must have a ratio of 4/3, and the height will be computed from the width you enter.
  • Pixel size to hide outline: when the screen pixel size is less than this value (in meters) the coarse outlines will not be drawn. This removes the coarse lines with very visible vector segments.
  • CGM symbol size: size in pixels for CGM symbols.
  •  Shift Mercator to UTM. This must be picked before you open a map.
    • Auto shift Mercator to UTM: world maps start in the Mercator projection. If this is checked,  it will shift to a UTM projection based on two criteria.
    • Long size to shift: the map must be less than this size to shift to UTM
    • Must be in single zone: if this is checked, the map will shift to UTM only if it is entirely in a single UTM zone.
  • World Outlines.  When the map pixel size is smaller that the specified value, the outlines will not be displayed.
  • US outlines
  • TIGER Options--access by right clicking on a map with TIGER data plotted.
  • Gazetteer options
  • PLSS options
  • Default projection:

Last revision 10/5/2015