Viewshed Parameters

This window can be accessed:

  1. When selecting weapons fans or viewsheds initially from the icon on the map toolbar  Weapons fan/viewshed .
The following parameters define the viewshed plot:
  • Fan Name: optional text to identify individual fans.
  • Max range (m): how far out to figure intervisibility.
  • Min range: points closer than this are too close for successful engagement by the sensor.  They will be marked as invisible.
  • Observer/Target ASL or AGL: these can be defined above the ground or above sea level.
  • Viewer AGL (m):  height above the ground (in meters) for the viewer 
  • Target AGL (m):  height above the ground (in meters) for the viewed objects.
  • Right and left boundary: set the limits, in degrees, for the fan. The fan will start at the left boundary and progress clockwise to the right boundary. You can set values to wrap about north; for instance a left boundary of 270 and a right boundary of 90 will draw a fan centered about north.
  • Max, Min inclination: the upper and lower angular bounds of the viewer.  This should only be used for a sensor like a radar that can only look up or down a specified amount.
  • Report coverage: reports the percentage of the fan area that is visible.
  • Graph coverage: (Only applies to a series of fans)
  • Save radials: must use a radial lines algorithm.
  • Use Veg grid: only enabled if a
  • Color & algorithm: brings up a second form from which you can select the Viewshed algorithm.
  • Outline fans and outline color:
  • Range units
  • Opacity: used to draw fans.  Can be modified here and on the map overlay manager.  All fans share the same value.
  • Fan selection
    • Single: each fan is drawn as you select
    • Multiple (ask): you will enter parameters for each fan, but they will only be drawn when requested
    • Multiple (same): all fans will have the same parameters as the first, but they will only be drawn when requested
  • Path: where fans are stored.  By default this is the Windows temp directory

Many selections also apply to route observation options which adds another panel with additional options.

Right click on map and pick "Edit fans" to edit fans after they have been created.

Save and restore fans

Last revision 12/8/2011