Viewshed Toolbar


Click on record (enable edits first),  especially:

  • "Edit point location graphical" to reposition sensor.  Insure map displays enough detail to accurately place sensor.  You might want to zoom in to the immediate vicinity of the sensor.
  • Recolor fan: changes "VIS_COLOR" field in the database, recolors fan and saves recolored fan.  

Edit button menu (must enable edits first):

  • Color, recolor all fans: changes "VIS_COLOR" field in the database, recolors fans and saves them.  

Plot button menu: gives only the fan edit plot menu options.

  • Plot fan locations
  • Label sensors
  • Quick filters
  • Enable all options: lets you have all options on the Plot button menu
Standard DB toolbar on top.

Viewshed toolbar: some options work with the current sensor, indicated with the arrow in the grid.

  • Compute fan coverage of a target shapefile
  • LOS--interactively change look direction, and compute parameters along each radial.
  • Panorama
  • Perspective--view from the sensor
  • Required antenna height from current sensor location.
  • HL (Highlight): shows current fan in a different color on the map. You must pick the fan in the table, and then click.  If you pick the HL checkbox to the right, the highlight will be immediate when you select the fan in the table.
  • Composite: coverage of all fans
  • Multiple coverage: colored by number of sensors covering each point.  Currently not documented.
  • Pick sensors: toggle sensors on and off (the USE field in the database) by picking them by name. You will also see the COVERS value.
  • Recolor: change color of composite fans temporarily.  To make permanent changes, use edit options.
  • Save filtered sensor list
  • Clear: clear out fans (they will have to be recomputed for the next display)
  • Slider bar sets opacity of  viewshed layer
  • KML: export fans as KML
  • Params: change the fan parameters for all fans.



Key Fields in Fans database:

Last revision 4/18/20171