Web Tab, Options Form

Tab on options form, brought up from Options program menu selection.

  • Enable grid network computing
  • Grid server URL and port
  • Clear KML directory on closing program
  • KML options
  • Options for program update
    • Skip check for program updates.  Select this only if you have no web connection, and are willing to live with failures when the program cannot update a required support file.  You should not run into problems if you do not update the program.
    • Backup EXE before web update: copies the EXE to the c:\microdem\backup directory, with the version (date) included in the file name.  If you do not like an update, or it has problems, you can run the old version. 
  • Record WMS requests in debug log: allows you see and potentially debug the requests sent to the WMS server.

Last revision 6/30/2018