Global World Base Maps

Quick vector map opens a single map in a Mercator projection unless you have changed the default.
New Vector Map, with a choice of the projections.

NASA Blue marble for a satellite view of the world (must be enabled on options form) 
  Global topography  gives a global map suitable for viewing both land and underwater features at the scale of the entire world down to a single continent.  Note this can display 1.5 or 2  earths, so both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans appear in full view. Pick the multiple earth display on the "Wrap ETOPO5" option on the Import/Export  tab of the options form.

New DEM and pick another global or regional DEM. 

Predicted sea floor ages (must be enabled on options form)

If you want to emphasize data plotted over the base map, consider Map shading options to Grayscale or subdue the map.

Last revision 9/5/2013