mpMICRODEM Operations

This is under very active development, and will be changing frequently.  Only use if you are willing to experience problems; the price for your indulgence will be an opportunity to influence the development of the software.  Virtually anything that can be done in MICRODEM could be ported, and we are looking for what makes the most sense to do in the field with a tablet or phone.

These screen captures are from the Windows version; the Android version looks slightly different, but operates the same way.

Main Maps screen:

  • Tabs on the top show the map, menus, and graphic and textural results.
  • If present, Button on the upper left selects point for the current operation.
  • Trackbar in the lower left zooms the display in or out.  It might be easier to to the +/- buttons below the trackbar.
  • Coordinates of the current point, and its elevation, are shown in the bottom panel.
  • Scrollbars allow moving the map on Windows.  (Use finger drags on Android or the Windows tablets).

Menu tab screen.  Select options and operations.

Logs: viewer for logs showing operation.  Open these from debug panel on the Menu tab screen

Views: panorama and perspective and line of sight.

Drape: mesh views.


  Last Update: 11/17/2015