This is under very active development, and will be changing frequently.  Only use if you are willing to experience problems; the price for your indulgence will be an opportunity to influence the development of the software.  Virtually anything that can be done in MICRODEM could be ported, and we are looking for what makes the most sense to do in the field with a tablet or phone.  Despite lots of downloads, we have had no reports with either problems or suggestions.

Currently GPS logging on a Geotiff image map should be very stable, until you try to open a second program.

ianMICRODEM stood for iOS and Android (as well as subtly recognizing the founder of geomorphometry).  Since we have actually got a Mac version running well before the iOS, we are changing the name to mpMICRODEM (for MultiPlatform)


mpMICRODEM operations

mpMICRODEM menus

File locations on the device, by OS.

 The program is currently not optimally configured for the phone form factor.  Newer phones have more pixels, and should work better.  We have tested using:

Running on a Mac


MICRODEM as a native app.  This uses the same code base as the Windows version.  There were several challenges:

We are making mpMICRODEM open source, and over time may migrate more functionality.  We need:

There are currently multiple versions:

Program Platform Status Comments
MICRODEM Windows Desktop Working, 64 bit Primary development platform; works with the mouse
MICRODEM Windows Tablets Working Can run desktop MICRODEM, but mpMICRODEM uses the touchscreen
mpMICRODEM Window Phones ? I have never seen one.
mpMICRODEM Android Working  
mpMICRODEM iOS   Needs Delphi DX Seattle coder, and $$$ to join the app store
mpMICRODEM Mac OS Working Needs Delphi DX Seattle coder

Data Formats Suggested uses
  • Untiled Geotiff
  • MICRODEM DEM format, but only the current  v4 variant.
  • Untiled Geotiff
NAIP  imagery
Geologic maps
Nautical charts
US historic maps
DEM with Tiger OpenStreetMap
  • LAS

Testing has concentrated on Android, which is easier to program from and to download programs and data.  Immediate goal:

  Last Update: 9/17/2017