Tools Tab

LIDAR Point cloud form  option,  Tools tab

Tools tab:  Many of these options require that the base map in use have a DEM associated with it, which will determine the size of the grid created.

Point based

  • Extract map LAS, Extract masked, Extract valid grid:
    • Extract points on the current map, which might be in multiple files, into a single LAS file or 3D shapefile.  Pick a small map area for this option.
    • For mask option, the current map must have a mask in red, and only points that project to a red pixel on the map will be extracted.
    • For extract valid grid, only points that map to valid values in the DEM associated with the map will be extracted.
  • Extract GeoJSON: create file for current map area
  • Points above DEM, Points below DEM: puts the points above or below the DEM on the map into the memo box on the right of the form.  This uses the Zcrit defined below.


  • Thin LAS
  • Translate LAS
  • Scale up LAS
  • RGB filter las

Zcrit: buffer added to DTM before deciding if point is not on the ground.


  • Interpolate: get elevation with bilinear interpolation.
  • Floor/ceiling: get elevation from highest or lowest, as appropriate, of the 4 grid nodes surrounding the point cloud location.  This can be better in regions of steep slope in the DEM.


Last revision 4/10/2018