Animate Database, and Get Statistics

This example deals with a database of the artillery at Antietam in the American Civil War.

TIMEANV Batteries

Summarize batteries involved by time period

  • Filter database by side.
  • Double click on the field name with time periods, and pick frequency table.
  • You will get a table with the time period, and the number of records in it.
  • You can save this as a CSV or HTML file, and import it into a report.

Summarize batteries by side

  • Filter database by side.
  • Double click on the field name, and pick "List unique values"
  • This gives you the number of batteries on that side.
  • This can highlight any issues with data entry.


Get military icon symbols

  • Get military symbols, either with the Military icon generator on the File, Tools menu, or by right clicking and saving these symbols as GIF files.
  • You want the icon files to be in "c:\mapdata\icons"
  • Filter database by side.
  • Insure Edits are on for the database.
  • Pick Edit, Icons, Add icons
  • Pick icon from the list.

Plot icons in MICRODEM

  • Pick Symbol and color selection (Button on the left of the toolbar)
  • Pick Auto plot "Icons", and insure the "Icon" field is selected.
  • Besides its display benefits, this can be powerful tool to verify the quality of your attribute encoding.  This extract from the map shows battery locations at daybreak.  The blue batteries are within what looks to be the red lines, suggesting that the units are coded with the wrong side, or the locations are wrong.


Prepare to Animate the database

  • Insure Edits are on for the database.
  • Insure that you have a field for the date
    • Edit, Date/TIME, Insert YEAR/MONTH/DATE
    • Right click on each field title, and pick Fill Field and enter the correct value
  • Insure that you have a KML friendly field for the times, TIME_STR:
    • Insure that you have a TIME field, of string type, with military time (4 characters, leading 0's).  You must be careful editing this field, as programs like Excel might remove the leading "0".  Edit, String Fields, Insert leadings 0's can fix that.
    • If you have indefinite times (like "Dawn"), replace then with a definite time (filter for just those, enable edit, right click on field name, and  Fill field)
    • Pick Edit, Date/TIME, Insert Military time to HH:MM:SS
  • Put in the time animation start and end field
  • Pick Report, KML/Google Earth
    • You might need to adjust the time replay parameters in Google Earth

These maps show the results of Filtering  for time, side, and type of cannon, and allow detailed geospatial analysis.
Double click on the field name with GUN_TYPE, and pick frequency table, for the battery type statistics.


Export database

Viewshed operations

Recolor fans

  • Insure Edits are on for the database
  • Temporarily, use the HL button on the viewshed toolbar
  • Permanently
    • Use the Edit, Color, Recolor all fans options to recolor all the fans or a Filtered subset
    • Right click on a single record to recolor it.


This shows Union viewsheds in cyan, and Confederate in light red, for 0900.

Export the viewsheds

  • Filter database if necessary
  • Use KML button on viewshed toolbar
  • The default setting should be reasonable.

Use Quick filtering on the "Plot" button menu on the database table display window.




last revision 5/10/2010