County Maps Lab Gallery

Two tiled DEMs as downloaded from USGS, with the Tiger edges for Anne Arundel County overlaid.

The tiles are 1 by 1, which is larger than the typical county, but you are likely to require two or even 4 tiles to cover your area. 

Two DEMs merged. File is about 912 MB in size.  You will have slow response, and might wind up out of memory if you try to proceed using this DEM.  Note that the county only covers a small part of the merged DEMs.

For unlucky counties, you might have to download and merge 4 quads, which will be almost 2 GB.
Subset & zoom of DEM  to cover just Anne Arundel County.  This should be saved, as for some uses you might want to see the topography for the surrounding counties.  The saved file will be much smaller, and faster to operate with.

DEM Masked/clipped  to show just the county.  You should save this as well.

2006 NLCD, in conic projection.

NLCD2006 reprojected to match the DEM.  Note the changed orientation of the grid.  The SE corner is missing data because the selection at the Seamless Server was not large enough.  Fortunately that area is outside the county, or we would have had to redownload and then reproject again.
NLCD Masked/clipped to show just the county.  The County outline shapefile used for this operation had the boundaries at the edge of the land, so this operation has removed most of the water in the county.

You can now run statistics, and get just the land cover for the county.

This is the third version of the NLCD; you should save them, named so you can find them again.

300 m Buffers around the schools in Annapolis.  The yellow color may not be optimal; it might be better to use a different color, or perhaps to grayscale the base map, or use the NED.
Schools labeled.  Label placement is hard for the GIS:
  1. Not overprinting other text.
  2. Not overwriting important map information.
  3. Insuring the user knows what the label refers to.

You could also use icons.

NLCD merged with NED.

This will add more in the mountains, and less is Kansas.


last revision1/23/2017