Duck, NC Lidar Grids

The data download for the North Carolina coast near Duck will be a 160 MB download. 

There download includes multiple Lidar surveys covering the USACE FRF (US Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility) at Duck.  They were downloaded from the  NOAA LIDAR coastal data web site, where you could look for newer data, or coverage of other areas. The older surveys appear to be first return models, showing the ground, buildings, and vegetation--whatever the laser beam first encountered. Some also record the seafloor along the coast, which requires a different frequency (green)  for the laser to enable it to penetrate water because the typical near infrared (NIR) laser will be completely absorbed by water.  The surveys have different coverage, reflecting variable numbers of passes parallel to the coast, flying height, and instrument scan angle.  You will also get the Lidar point cloud from the NOAA site for any new surveys. The LAS data, particularly for the older data, might not have all the fields filled in such as intensity or scan angle.

Survey Survey Dates Notes
1999_nc_post_dennis.DEM hurricane landfall 1999/09/05  
1999_nc_post_floyd.DEM hurricane landfall 1999/09/17  
20040709 to 20040714
Seabed returns
2005_topo_bathy.DEM 20051001 to 20051126  
20080317 to 20080327
Seabed returns
2009_usace.DEM 20090816 to 20090824  
2012 usgs post sandy 20121105 to 20121129  
2013 usace nmcp nc 20130926  
2014 nfcmp phase1 20140106 to 20141121  
2014 NGS post sandy bathytopo    
2014 usace ncmp duck 20151031 to 20151031 Seabed returns
2015 usace ncmp duck 20151031 Seabed returns
2016 post Matthew 201610 to 201612 Still most recent available, Aug 2019

Map display of these grids.

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Topographic Profiles
Multiple DEM profiles

Of these, note that only one had water penetration and records the seafloof.
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Last revision 9/6/2019