Finding a Site for a Fire Fighting Base Camp 

Download file with the following data:

Files included
NED DEM, and NLCD 2006 grid
Oregon State gazetteer
TIGER County edges file for Jefferson country (43031) 

Save all data layers that you create on the C: drive of your computer.  give each layer a meaningful name, and store them where you can find them later.

Prepare a Word document with:

We are looking for a site for a fire fighting base camp in Jefferson County, Oregon, for a large fire on the east flank of the Cascade Mountains.  The base camp must have the following characteristics:

Masking regions: You need DEMs/grids with the same size and spacing as your original DEM.

You should now have several grids with the acceptable points in each category still having elevations, and the others marked as missing.  You could reclassify these to have a single value.  You should look at the individual layers to see which are restrictive, and which really don't eliminate much of the area.  If some of the layers are overly restrictive, you might have to loosen some requirements.   As a GIS analyst, you might have to convince your client why is is required.

 We will combine the individual layers to see what points will match all the criteria.

Area computation to find the areas of acceptable regions. This creates an area shapefile for each area.  This will be in c:\mapdata\temp, and deleted when you close the program unless you save it elsewhere.

Annotate Map, Create shapefiles, to create a point shapefile with suggested locations, and an area shapefile outlining the camp extents.  When done and you close the digitizing, the shapefile will be loaded for database operations.

Export your base map and the potential camp locations to a KML overlay.

Last revision 11/13/2018