Plate Motions and Triple Junction Stability Lab

Insure that you understand the difference between relative and absolute plate motions.  For this lab we will deal with the relative motions between pairs of plates.

You may do this lab individually or in groups.  You will be tested on it during a quiz next week.

Plate motion calculators, if you want to check results or use an alternative method.

 Deliverables: each triple junction you should discuss:

Triple junctions used in previous semester

The Philippine--Pacific--Eurasian triple junction SE of Japan. Some scientists think the Eurasian--North American plate boundary is west of its location on the map in MICRODEM (for instance Map of the plates), and that this triple junction is actually Philippine--Pacific--North America. Repeat the calculations for this configuration, and does it make much difference (i.e. what are the relative plate velocities between North America and Eurasia in this region?) Repeat the calculations for the APKIMA plate model.


Last revision 9/29/2015