Historic Shipwrecks

Some of the data sets required for these exercises are not publicly available.


Science Lesson With Reading


Science Focus (Test review)

Intro Intro

Labs introduction.


GIS of ship logs and climatology of shipping lanes


GIS and ship logs

See patterns of shipping lanes, the relationship to climate. 

Understand the Monsoons.

Discuss the difference between latitude and longitude.


Analysis of drift models

BHR drift model

Understand Coriolis, tides, winds, leeway.  Evaluate the relative importance of each in a drift model for the BHR.

Discuss how we can use probability to model uncertainty.


Analysis of 3D sonar point cloud from the Ghost ship in the Baltic

Ship point clouds

Understand how 3D mapping can be done, using light or sound.

Manipulation of sonar 3D data, measuring the ship.  Compare the results to historic records of fluyt ships.

Methods for bathymetric mapping, including gravity.

Reasons for changing coordinate systems.


Side scan sonar analysis


Marine surveys  
  Course project Create survey lines
Sanitized XTF

MH370 search and data presentation: https://geoscience-au.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=038a72439bfa4d28b3dde81cc6ff3214  

Download bathymetry and backscatter at http://marine.ga.gov.au/#/

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