LVIS Waveforms

The Level 2 data from LVIS stores the waveform as cumulative distribution, with the height where various percentage of the return energy are reached.

  The 0 height is the ZT elevation recorded.  The next value is RH10, fand there is a return every 5%, with addition values for 96 %, 97%, 98% and 99% to tease out the sturcture of the uppermost canopy.  
The software can tease out an approximation of the actual waveform, with units of percentage of return energy per meter.  The peaks here might correspond with the discrete returns from a traditional lidar survey.
Mulitple waveforms can be plotted.   The differences in the structure will determine how many waveforms can be plotted before the plot becomes impossible to interpret.



Last revision 12/13/2017