3D Graph

Option on Stats button on database table form.  This may start to have severe problems loading data sets with more than about 50,000 points.  We have not tested enough to know what this limit is.

  • Pick X,Y, and Z fields.
  • Reverse Z values, for instance if you have depths as positive values.
  • String field to color (can also be integer): use only if there are a limited number of discrete values in the field.
  • Numeric field to color:
  • Field for size: if you want the symbols to be of different sizes.  The default is 0.025, and you should pick values close to this.
  • Color: applies only if you are not using a DB field for the colors.
  • Thin Factor: decimate the data, since the OpenGL view has a limit on the number of points.

New option, preferred.
Older OpenGL window controls.



Last revision 2/16/2016