Piracy, Winds and Precipitation

You have been assigned to the international task force monitoring piracy off the coast of Somalia, and are assigned to the Seychelles.  You are required to prepare a report on the seasonal dependence of piracy at least 400 km off the coast in the Indian Ocean.  You should write a report in Word, with appropriate graphics, and use concepts we have learned in class.  This is a writing requirement. You probably will need about 2 pages of text (double spaced) for a good explanation.  Each figure should have a caption below the figure (e.g. Figure 1.  Climograph of Annapolis, MD.) and be referenced in the text.

Insure that you have the Physical Geography version of the program.

Pick the Physical Geography Labs, Piracy, winds, and rain option, to get automatically two maps with three data sets.

Options you will need:

Investigate piracy.  Before you do this, you want to turn off the monthly filter for the ASAM database, using the All recs button, or you will just have data for one month.

Monthly graphs of weathter at a point, and text file with the values:

If you want, you can look at additional data.  We may or may not have talked about the Koppen system in class prior to the lab, but it will be on test 1.

Last revision 9/22/2018