Winds and Precipitation

You have been assigned to the international task force monitoring piracy off the coast of Somalia, and are assigned to the Seychelles.  You are required to prepare a report on the seasonal dependence of piracy at least 400 km off the coast.  You should write a report in Word, with appropriate graphics, and use concepts we have learned in class.

You will use three data sets:

Insure that you have the Physical Geography option of the program.

Pick the Physical Geography Labs, Piracy option, to get automatically a map with three databases.

Subset and zoom data set the map to the Indian Ocean region, centered on the Horn of Africa.

There are two forms to pick months.

Climograph--after selecting this choice, double clicking on a station will bring up its climograph.

To capture graphics: right click, pick the save to clipboard, and then paste into Word.

Last revision 9/11/2013