Lab: Redistricting after the Census

Insure that you update both the program and help file, and are running 2017.4.5 or newer.  Also, go to Options, Menus tab, and select "show labs".

Open Annapolis redistricting (File, GIS Labs, Annapolis Redistricting).   If you wanted to use another area,  create the dataset in MICRODEM.

After reading the column by Foer, the leadership of the Historic Annapolis Hispanic Alliance has asked you to investigate whether it would be possible to create a ward in the city which will be majority Hispanic.  Even if that is not possible, they project that the Hispanic population will continue to rise (it went from 6.7% to 15.6% between 2000 and 2010), will continue to be concentrated in the same neighborhoods, and they might be able to elect someone even if the numbers would not currently indicate they would have the votes.

They would like you to create the most hispanic-friendly district possible in the city, subject to the following constraints:



Things to note:


Redistricting Form detailed instructions.

Scaling (quantile)

Last revision 5/29/2015