GIS Registration and Vector Digitizing Lab

Objectives: This lab will teach you

We will be filling in missing dates for the history of the Battle of the Bulge--1944 (94 MB) (8 MB version, lacks all the scanned daily situation maps, but shows the animation).  The date assignments are listed below.

For a different sample of what we will be doing, go to where you can see a sample registered map and file with the front lines.  You can also go to where there is a file with daily locations for the divisions.


Daily situation map overlaid on the SRTM (using Overlay, Imagery (KML, KMZ, world files).

Natural Earth roads also overlaid.

Get the following:

Go to and download daily situation map (JPEG2000 file) for the date assigned. 

  Friendly (US) Allied (UK) Enemy
Infantry Division
Airborne Division
Armored Division

Directions for  lab.

Last revised 7/21/2016