Monsoons occur on many continents--Arizona refers to their summer rains as monsoons, but are best developed in Asia, which has the most extreme swings because of the continent's size.  Related to this, Siberia has the largest temperature swings between summer and winter. 

Indian Ocean Monsoon
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January winds--winter or dry monsoon August winds--summer or wet monsoon


  Central Asia Surrounding Oceans
Heat capacity Low (land heats and cools rapidly) High (moderates climate)
Winter temperate Frigid Warm
Winter pressure Very high Low
Winter winds Dry, blowing from land to sea
Summer temperature Hot Warm
Summer pressure Low High
Summer winds Moist, blowing from sea to land

To see the monsoon in MICRODEM:

Climate options   Global monthly winds   For best results Subset & zoom to cover just Asia or the Indian Ocean.  Cycle through the months to see the reversing winds.

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