Ship Point Clouds

We are looking at the ships from the viewport of GIS (Geographical Information Systems).  Engineers use CAD (Computer Assisted Design).  The programs have similarities, but they also differ because of their origins and how they have evolved differently.  It can be difficult to take data from one realm to the other.

Background reading, to understand how we acquire the point clouds, and how we can visualize it:

Hot new research area--underwater lidar scanning

Deliverables for the point clouds available only inside USNA.

Getting started

To start with other point clouds:

You will have a slice through the point cloud, with a form to control it.  You have two main ways of looking at the data:

Slices: control the geometry of the slice, and its thickness.

You can rescale the slice, and

  • Measure distance in the plane of the section.  Double click at each end.

OpenGL: this lets you zoom in, and rotate the view.  This gives you a very interactive view of the data, but it can be harder to make measurements and carefully view the data.

last revision 4/2/2016