Wind Plotting

  Use map toolbar icon and "Global monthly winds" option from the popup.  This requires "C:\mapdata\climate\global_winds_v2.dbf" which will download automatically if you do not have it.  The data originally comes from NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis winds.

This data set will be best looking at a continent or ocean basin, but with the autospace option it will show something at global scale.

You can get this form with the PlotVector data option on the GIS table display window.


Units are in meters per second, which are equal to 1.94 knots.

Default setting should work.

Use the Plot button, or check the month you want, to plot the wind vectors on the map.

Full description of all options on this form.

NW Indian Ocean
January winds August winds
Monthly wind stick or tadpole diagram.

Monsoon summary, one of the visualizations possible with this data

NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis winds data set source

Last revision 1/27/2016