Duck Map Algebra

Download lidar data for the North Carolina coast near Duck.  This will be a series of grids, and the two most recent point clouds. 

You will create a number of new grids.  You can save these to reopen later (name them carefully, and remember where you saved them), or just recreate them as needed.

Open DEM for just the 2008_NOAA_IOCM data set.  Notice that you can create new grids from the elevation data, or just change the display on the fly.

New DEM.  Close everything, and open just the 2008 and 1997 DEMs.

Open all the DEMs.  Insure that you only have the DEMs open, and not any of the derived grids.


Make a new grid with the LAS point data from the NOAA web site.

Last revision 11/24/2017