Lidar Class

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Week Friday Topic Hands On Exercise Readings
1 11/3 Introduction
Tradtional digital topography
Using Traditional DEMs LIDAR and Sonar point clouds
2.5D grid versus 3D
Global terrain, e.g. ETOPO1
Regional terrain, e.g. SRTM / ASTER
UTM versus geographic spacing
2 11/17 Airborne lidar Sample of LAS files Airborne lidar system
LAS format
Classifying point clouds
Return Number and Classification
3 11/24 Coastal applications Beach changes at Duck, NC Lidar Time Series
Gridding lidar
Display of coastal lidar grids
Map algebra
  12/1 Holiday      
4 12/8 Forestry applications
Multiple wavelengths
Leaf on/off, Snow present/absent Multiple Channel Lidar
Lidar for Forestry
Grids from lidar for Forestry
5 12/15 LVIS and waveforms Gabon jungle LVIS and ICEsat
LVIS map images
LVIS waveforms
LVIS slices
6 12/22 Terrestrial lidar Terrestrial Lidar lab Lidar of the future
Terrestrial lidar
  12/29 No class    
7 1/5 SfM Mobile lidar and SfM SfM
8 1/12 Conclusion    
  1/19 Exam    

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