Sample LAS Data


Data set Displays to show
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (159 MB)
  • RGB colors
  • Return intensity
  • Classifcation, minimal
  • Elevation, set range to 1500-1600.  You can get this by looking at an elevation Histogram of the returns.
  • Scan angle
  • Return number
Elsinore, Denmark (95 MB)
  • Return intensity
  • Classifcation, very good
  • Elevation, set range to 0-50
  • Scan angle
  • Return number
Unclassified Castle (15 MB) Subset of the Elsinsore data, to run faster during the classification process


Open  point cloud data

Use the control window for the point cloud operations.

Classify the small sample of the Castle data.  Make sure you provide meaningful names for the directories, so you know where to find the classifications.

Last revision 11/16/2017