Morocco Grid and Projection


To get the Morroco Conformal Conic Projection

Get a Mercator map of Morocco.  How much does distortion change from the north to the south of the country?  How good would this map be to use?

Get a UTM map of zone 29.  Then change the NW corner to N38, W27.  What is the pattern of distortion on this map, and is it better or worse than the Mercator?

The geologic map has the following parameters:

Datum WGS84
Central meridian 10
Latitude of origin 0
Standard parallel 2 29
Standard paralled1 8
False Easting 5000000
False Northing 3000000

Create a map in this projection.  Form an open Moroccan LLC map, Right click on map, and Modify projection.  Enter the parameters above, and set the width of the map at 3000 km.

Datum shift


Questions to answer: