Scan & Register & Digitize

If you can, don't do these, and leave to the experts at the national mapping agencies or large libraries.  These steps require more sophistication from the user compared to most GIS operations, and you have to consider the projections and datums.  You need to understand the basics of the process so you know what mapping agencies go through to perform these tasks, and be able to perform the tasks when necessary if your work requires creating new GIS data sets.

Standard formats

Bounding box





Watch your hemsiphere: if you are in the southern or western hemisphere, do not forget the minus sign on your coordinates

Digitize in Google Earth


Open DEM, USGS 1/3" DEM

Open image, Last Chance Range Geologic Quad (reprojected from USGS KMZ file, which you also have; this file is no longer on the USGS web site). 

Open image, Orthoimage, 0.8 m spacing pixels (reprojected from USGS web Mercator)


The geologic map has:

Annotate Map, Create shapefile, area/polygon. 


last revised 12/4/2017