Morphometry of drainage basins: a global snapshot from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

version 0.91--31 May 2011

This data set is here to support review of a paper  (Guth, 2011).  This data set uses the SRTM data set, so it is limited to the region covered by the SRTM, and inherits the scale of the SRTM data.  The three big limitations of this data set are:

This data set has been created from the 15" Hydrosheds, drainage basins, and stream networks (Lehner and others, 2008a, b).  The drainage network, and the 2D coordinates in it, are all derived from the Hydrosheds data, and we have not changed those.  We independently created the topology of the drainage networks from the

The following zipped files are available.  The additions/changes from Hydrosheds are noted:

All files use an index field BASIN_ID, which consists of a two letter continent code, a dash, and the basin number assigned by Hydrosheds (e.g. AF-24001 for the Nile).   All coordinates are unprojected latitude/longitudes with the WGS-84 datum.