The DRILLBIT computer program simulates geology so that introductory geology students can learn the logical processes used by geologists to develop the history of a region. Designed to function as an end of semester project, the exercise shows students how scientific research would support a problem in the "real" world. Starting with knowing the surface geology, students simulate drilling holes and staying within a finite budget to unravel the subsurface geology. The computer handles details of budget and provides a drill log at any desired location, allows multiple ways to visualize the drill log data, and automates tedious work so that students can concentrate on understanding concepts. The exercise integrates the topics covered in a first semester physical geology course, provides an interesting challenge for students of all ability levels, and can be used to develop team skills.

The program can be downloaded and professionally installed in one step for 32 bit Windows installations. Obtain the compressed installation program, copy it to your hard disk, and then run it to extract the setup program and its data files. Then run the setup program. This version of the program will be newer than that obtained below. This will give two programs, the student and instructor, and supporting data files.

You can create student installations as an option in the instructor program; this will copy all required files, and create new data files, on a floppy disk.


Last Update: 8/19/2005