Historical GIS of the Battle of Antietam

Professor Peter Guth, Oceanography Department

CDT Rhys Hearn, 2011

MIDN Charles O'Dell, 2010


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Map Time Infantry Regiments

(1558 records)

Artillery Batteries

(921 records)

CWANT3 Daybreak (0530)   xxx
CWANT4 0600 xxx xxx
CWANT5 0645 xxx xxx
CWANT6 0720 xxx xxx
CWANT7 0730 xxx xxx
CWANT8 0800 xxx xxx
CWANT9 0830   xxx
CWANT10 0900 xxx xxx
CWANT11 1030 xxx xxx
CWANT12 1200   xxx
CWANT13 1300   xxx
CWANT14 1530   xxx
CWANT15 1620   xxx



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