Western Europe and the Age of Sail LREC 2015 Pictures

During May 2015, four midshipmen who had taken the Historic Shipwrecks course in the spring of 2015, and two additional midshipmen, participated in an LREC to Western Europe. 

The principal trip objectives were to expose midshipmen to the history, science, and technology of ships in the Age of Sail (~1500 to 1900) as well as the current culture of nations most associated with the technology of these times.  We saw various ships from this period:

We also had opportunity to visit various naval/maritime and other cultural museums in each city to view the different maritime technologies, and to expose midshipmen to cultures of the three different allies. Our travel was by foot, train, bus, subway, and streetcar, which enabled us to gain appreciation of the urban neighborhoods, and included excursions to the countryside of both Sweden and the Netherlands. 
Gamma Uppsala.  Burial mounds.
Swedish History Museum, Stockholm.
Vasa Museum.
Storerooms of the Vasa Museum, with archaeologist Dr. Fred Hocker
Amsterdam.  Recreation of a Dutch East Indiaman from 1749.  With 42 guns, and 1100 ton displacement, the ship  would be very similar to the Bonhomme Richard, a French East Indiaman a few decades younger.
LREC participants on the Amsterdam
Group at the Imperial War Museum, London.  Naval guns in the background.
On the Prime Meridian, Greenwich.
Harrison's chronometer, the key to determining longitude at sea.
Lord Nelson's flagship Victory.
Mary Rose
HMS Warrior 1860
Ring Dance UK 2015, dipping the rings in the ocean.


Western Europe 2015 Age of Sail LREC Itinerary



Major Events



Fly out afternoon (BWI to Newark to Stockholm)


5/10 Sun


Changing of the Guard at Royal Palace, Royal Palace, and Treasury


Uppsala and Gamma Uppsala

Walk through Uppsala, museum and burial mounds at Gamma Uppsala, and hike back to town.  Most museums in Stockholm are closed Monday, so this allowed us to see sights thar were open, and provided a view of a smaller city in Sweden.



Skansen, Swedish History Museum, and Vasa Museum.  We had a behind the scenes tour of the storerooms with the artefacts from the Vasa which are not on display.



National Maritime Museum, the Amsterdam, and a tour of the canals.


Amsterdam or Texcel

Group split:

  • Half to Texcel, to ride bikes and see the Dutch countryside.  Texcel was the port where John Paul Jones took Serapis after the battle with Bonhomme Richard.
  • Half stayed in Amsterdam, to see the City Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.



Old Royal Naval College
Trafalgar Square



Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards
Imperial War Museum

5/17 Sat


Group split

All to British Museum

5/18 Sun


Prime Meridian, and Royal Observatory
National Maritime Museum
Cutty Sark



Mary Rose
HMS Warrior 1860

National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth.  Hignlights included a centennial exhibition on Gallipoli, and the interpretation of the Battle of Trafalgar.


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