Oceanography Preregistration

Fall Regular Matrix Fall Honors Matrix Spring Regular Matrix Spring Honors Matrix
First Class First Class First Class First Class
Second Class Second Class Second Class Second Class

 Third Class

Third Class

Major Electives   Fall 2016 Spring 2017
SO422 Nearshore Yes (1)  
SO427 Estuarine   Yes (1)
SO431 Remote sensing    
SO432 GIS Yes (1)
SO441 Synoptic   Yes (1)
SO442 Tropical Yes (1)  
SO445 Global Climate Change   Yes (2)
SO451 Biological Yes (2)  
SO461 Geological Yes (1)  
SO486Z Shipwrecks   Yes (1)
SO485 Energy Yes (1)  
Free Electives      
SO262 Physical Geography Yes Yes
SO3xx Polar Science   Yes


Prereg Notes, Spring 2016 for fall preregistration

Dean's notice on preregristration

Summer school web site

Voluntary summer school registration should open in MIDS on 29 March, if all the summer assignments have been posted.  You can only sign up for a block when you have leave. You can only sign up for one summer school, and you cannot have any other commitments during that block.

Course failure will almost certainly require you to take summer school in a "voluntary" status in place of leave.  If you disagree with this definition of "voluntary", think of it as your choosing not to devote enough effort to passing the course.  If you do not want to give up leave, consider this early in the semester and do not fail a course.  While there are exceptions that allow summer school in place of military training, they are truly rare and most of those mids are probably taking a second summer school during leave.

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Change of major

Section Changes are restricted and require approval of the Chair of the department offering the course and the Academic Scheduler. Changes of section for convenience or to select, or avoid, a particular instructor are not allowed. Requests will be considered, but not guaranteed, if you are scheduled in a section with an instructor you had previously. The form to request a Section Change is available at: http://intranet.usna.edu/AccSchedules/registration.html

Approved requests can be submitted to the Academic Scheduler beginning Monday, 09 May 2016 for fall of 2016.


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