Oceanography Preregistration

Major Electives Course Name Fall 2017 Spring 2018
SO422 Nearshore 1, Muller  
SO426 Polar   2, Gallaher
SO427 Estuarine    
SO431 Remote sensing    
SO432 GIS    
SO441 Synoptic   1, Barrett
SO442 Tropical 1, Barrett  
SO445 Global Climate Change   1, Smith
SO451 Biological 1, Steppe  
SO461 Geological    
SO486Z Shipwrecks    
SO485 Energy 1, Smith  
Free Electives, allowed for SOC/SOCH majors      
SO262 Physical Geography 2, Thompson 2, Tellado
 (can be taken in addition to SO426,
and will become a 300 level course with
 an intro ocean course prereq)
Polar Science 1, Ingersoll 1, Ingersoll

Prereg Notes, Spring 2017 for Fall 2017 preregistration

Dean's notice on preregistration (includes dates by class for registration and preregistration)

Resolve Hard Conflicts Come RegistrationIf the hard conflict involves a sports blocker, the mid should be referred to the Senior Academic Advisor.  The SAA will check if the problem can be resolved solely by adjusting the blocker, or requires other changes, and will have NAAA adjust the blocker.

AcDean Notice regarding final examinations and exceptions 

Summer school


Class of 2018  First Class SOC fall     First Class SOCH fall

Class of 2019   Second Class SOC fall      Second Class SOCH fall

Class of 2020  Third Class SOC fall

Change of major

Section Changes are restricted and require approval of the Chair of the department offering the course and the Academic Scheduler. Changes of section for convenience or to select, or avoid, a particular instructor are not allowed. Requests will be considered, but not guaranteed, if you are scheduled in a section with an instructor you had previously.


Fall Regular Matrix Fall Honors Matrix Spring Regular Matrix Spring Honors Matrix
First Class First Class First Class First Class
Second Class Second Class Second Class Second Class

 Third Class

Third Class

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