MICRODEM is a microcomputer mapping program written by Professor Peter Guth of the Naval Academy.  The program is freeware; license is freely give to any user to freely use the program without any restriction whatsoever.

Download instructions.

The program  will create a log of program operations in the file 'microdem_debug_log.txt', in c:\microdem\logs;  the easiest way to get the file is to to open it from the Help menu while the program is still running. You must copy this file immediately after encountering an unexplained crash, because the file is overwritten every time you run the program. Send the file to me and I can better determine what caused the problem. The debug log is not complete, and I may have to add additional debugging messages to the program and have you repeat the error and send a new log until we can isolate the problem.

If you want to perform code archaeology, you can get the DOS source code from about 1995.


Last Update: 5/20/2020