1. Are results presented in a graphical format? 
  2. How many graphics are used in this paper?   Too few or too many?
  3. Are the graphics done in black and white or color?  If black and white, does this reduce the ability of the reader to adequately interpret the results presented in the graphs (keep in mind a page of color costs about 10 times the cost of a black and white page, so the cost must be justified)?

  4. Are the graphics clearly labeled, variables with units clearly stated, and multiple plots on the graphs easily distinguishable?

  5. Are any of the graphics 3D?  If so, how is the 3D done, and is the 3D necessary to help understand the data?

  6. Are captions written in a fashion that adequately describe the graphs?  Are they easy to read and understand? Can you understand the figure without reading the paper?
  7. Are each of the graphics presented in the paper discussed specifically in the text?  Are the interpretations of the graphs as discussed in the text logical and well written?

Parts of a paper table of contents.