1. Does the author(s) provide a true summary of the paper  - a brief statement of purpose, a description of methods used, listing the major findings and a  statement of the significance of the study?


  1. Does the author(s) provide a clear, concise listing of the major findings of this study?


  1. Do the conclusions follow logically from the results presented in the main text?


  1. Are the conclusions well written and easily understood?


  1. Given the conclusions as stated, did the author(s) successfully accomplish their intended purpose (is the problem solved, either fully or partially)?


  1. Does the author(s) provide areas where future research is required are there unanswered questions that remain at the end of this study?


  1. Would you consider this paper to be a significant piece of scientific work do the conclusions contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the subject?



Parts of a paper table of contents.