SO482A--Historic Shipwrecks: Science, History, and Engineering


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Discussion Board:  In the discussion area of the course, you will interact with your instructor and classmates to explore questions and comments related to the content of the course. Discussions using the USNA Blackboard  system will always close as specified in the course policy statement, and cannot be made up. A successful student in online education is one who takes an active role in the learning process. You are therefore required to participate in the discussion areas to enhance your learning experience throughout each week.  You must post to the discussion at least twice per week to receive credit for this component, and the second posting must be after the first postings have all be submitted. 

A post that says, "I agree (or disagree)." or "Interesting lecture" is not acceptable. Examples of quality posts are those that:



Examples of Excellent Discussion Comments


“I would have to agree with 1/C XXXXXX's assessment on this point. The Odyssey may not have a completely benevolent agenda, but in order for them to continue to produce historically important artifacts they must come up with the capital. While the Odyssey may be criticized for some of their methodology, it is indisputable that they are among the most effective at uncovering historically significant wrecks that may have otherwise gone undiscovered.”


“This may seem like a trivial note, but I thought it was really cool to see the cannons in their corroded, green state. There are SO many cannons sprinkled around the Naval Academy grounds that I pass each day as I walk to class, but I never really paid much attention to them. Some may have come from shipwrecks, others rummaged off a retired ship, but nonetheless I will now take a few seconds to stop and admire it. They may have even been sitting on the bottom of an ocean for some time before being rescued! If only cannons could talk...they could share a tale of battle, bloodshed and courage from many years ago that would make a best selling novel.”


“I agree with my roommate here. The backward tracking is a very good idea. As for the two hours that the ship was dead in the water, it would be very useful to know what was happening at that time. If it was drifting, at anchor, what were the tides at that time. All this would be helpful in a model of where the BHR sank.”


Examples of Not-So-Great Discussion Comments


“I believe the log book will be just an excellent starting point. However due to some many uncertainties it will just be a starting point.”

“I do not think that using Dutch vessels will be that useful. Way to many uncertainties and lack of good logbooks. At best it could be a starting point, but nothing more.”


“XXXX has a good point. The couple hours before it sunk and how the waves affected the ship are the key to where it is located.”




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