SY110--Cyber Security I

This web site is for Prof Guth's section for fall 2016.  Prof Guth is a plank owner for the SI110 course, having taught 4 sections the first year (AY2011-12) the course was taught.  While the course has been renumbered, the contents has not changed significantly.

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Professor Guth additions to course policy statement:

Computer Suggestions: These are recommendations, and there are caveats which mean that you can safely ignore them sometimes (or even most of the time), but at some point in this course they will bite you on the fourth point on contact if you are not careful.

Setting up Windows Show file extensions

Show the complete path in the explorer bar

Show hidden files (may be less necessary in Windows 7)

Setting up Browser Always ask where to save downloads (then organize them on your hard disk as you download)
File names Never uses spaces or other "exotic" characters

Stick with letters, numerals, and the underscore "_"

Put your name in the file and of any file you will send to others (especially a superior like me)

For HTML files, use full HTML extension and not HTM abbreviation

Count on file names being case sensitive (especially when going on the web)

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Last Update: 10/6/2016