SO262, Fall 2012

Quiz 1


(4) How does temperature change in the atmosphere?  Concentrate on the lower two layers, draw a sketch, and discuss the different between them.






The three graphs above show the number of hours of daylight throughout the year at three locations on earth: Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands, and Somalia.


(4) Where you think these three locations are, and how do you know?  Be as specific as possible.




(4) Under what conditions can a location have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness?  You should discuss both location and dates.



(2) What do physical geographers study?





(4) You will be the navigator on a submarine going to the North Pole, which may or may not have ice cover when you visit.  Which of the maps above would you want to use to plan and track your cruise, and why would you choose that map?  Would the two other maps be good for any different purposes? 




(2) What characteristics does an atmospheric gas need to be considered a greenhouse gas?