SO262, Fall 2013

Quiz 1


(4) What are the two lowest layers of the atmosphere, and what is different about the ways they heat up?



The two maps above depict the view of the earth from the sun on two days of the year.


(4) What days of the year could these depict, and why are those days important?


(4)  How does the length of daylight vary on earth on those two days?


(2) What do physical geographers study?


(4) You will be the navigator on an aircraft flying from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Which of the maps above would you want to use to plan and track your mission, and why would you choose that map?  Would the other map be good for any different purposes? 


(2) If a gas was completely transparent (100% transmission with no absorption) to both longwave and shortwave radiation, could it be a greenhouse gas?  Why or why not?