SO262, Spring 2011

Rivers In Class Exercise


You will do this exercise in class, as individual work or in pairs (you can work with someone in the other section if you want).  You can do it at home if you download and install Google Earth.

Use this KMZ file to start.  If you use Firefox, clicking on the link should open the file directly in Google Earth.  If you use Internet Explorer, its extra features will probably require you to download the file, resist its helpful suggestion to rename the file with a ZIP extension (i.e. force it to remain a KMZ file), and then direct that the file be opened in Google Earth.  Why use one-click opening when three steps will get the job done just as well?

Create a PowerPoint show (4 slides max, so no fluff instead of substance) to explain to an infantry battalion commander how the river will affect his operations in the area.  You can capture the screen image with Edit, Copy Screen in Google Earth also works.  You will not present your results, but turn in the Power Point for grading.  Insure that you have enough text on the slides to fully answer the questions, using concepts we have learned this semester.  One slide should be a marked up screen capture from Google Earth naming and pointing out natural features, and another should be mostly text explaining the features.  I would personally annotated the image in Paint (when I try it in Word or PowerPoint my work generally moves around and winds up in the wrong place), but you can use any tool you want.

You should be able to complete the exercise during the class period; it must be placed in the course dropbox in Blackboard by 0730 Monday Morning.  The PPT should have your last name(s) and the words "river exercise" included in the file name.

You can click on a placement in the "Places" panel of Google Earth to zoom to a location.  You can then change the scale of the view, and roam around the map, and get the 3D view which is extremely helpful for those features in rugged terrain (which might not be Iraq).

1.   Identify as many river features as you can for the assigned location in Iraq.  Explain why the features occur, and how they might affect operations in that area.

Al Burham, Syria
Al Fallujah, Iraq
As Sulaymaniyah Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq (north of placemark)
Baghdad, Iraq (south of placemark)
Basra, Iraq
Mosul, Iraq
Tikrit, Iraq (north of placemark)
Tikrit, Iraq (south of placemark)
Umm Qasr, Iraq