SO262, Spring 2011

In Class Exercise--Koppen and Wegener

We will break the class into groups of 2, each of which will prepare a Power Point discussion of a location.  Your presentation will include:

  1. A map showing the location.
  2. A climograph from the area, showing what conditions are like.
  3. A listing of the rules that determine this category, and the meaning of the gray line on the climograph that determines.
  4. A discussion of why this climate occurs where it does, and what it means for the area.
  5. A map showing the earthquakes and volcanoes in the region, and a discussion of the types of each and what they mean in terms of danger to the local inhabitants.
Region 3001 (4 pairs)         4001 (6 pairs)        
Big island Hawaii  
Naples, Italy    
Christ Church, NZ    
Mt Ararat, Turkey    
Lesser Antilles, Caribbean    
Galapagos Islands    
Kamchatka, Siberia    

We will do the presentations the day after spring break.  They will be turned in prior to leaving for spring break.