SO262 Physical Geography Project



Each student in the course will prepare a final project.  This semester our projects will work toward creating an on-line atlas of the provinces of Syria, Lebanon, eastern Turkey, and northeastern Jordan, presented in Google Earth.  You may work on the project in groups of up to three students, but the group will do one province per member.  Provinces will be assigned by email request to the instructor, and the lists below will be updated.  Your request can include several choices in case your first choice has already been taken.

As you should have learned by now, because it involves learning how to get the computer to do something, this project has the potential to require extra love and care at the end.  You should get the project done early to insure that you can get help if you need it.  At the very least you should insure that you know how to transform your Word file into KML, and have done that with a rough draft of the final project well before the due date.

Within MICRODEM, there are directions in the help file on how to make maps.  Look in the contents, Tutorials and Labs, Physical Geography, Provincial Map.   There is also a Help forum (not on a USNA computer).

Fall 2013 Student Final Projects: Syria and vicinity

Fall 2012 single KMZ, Sahel

Spring 2011 Student Final projects: Central Asia

Fall 2009 Student Final Projects: Iraq and Afghanistan

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