SO262 Physical Geography

 Fall 2018 Pirate Exercise

You will have the class attendance on Friday 14 Sept 2018  to work on this requirement.   It will be due Friday 21 Sept 2018 before class.  Submit the exercise electronically, in the course dropbox in Blackboard.

This is entirely individual effort.   If you need help, contact the instructor.

You can use the computers in the classroom during the period on Friday, or in the evening.  The classroom will be in use during most periods of the week.  Alternatively you can install MICRODEM from the USNA web page.  You must then install both the current help file, and the updated program executable.  See the instructor if you need assistance.

The help file in MICRODEM has directions.  On the table of contents tab, look at "Tutorials and labs, Physical Geography, Piracy, Winds, and Rain" or use the "Physical Geography" option in the center of the home page in the help file to look for "Piracy, Winds, and Rain".

You have been assigned to the international task force monitoring piracy off the coast of Somalia, and are assigned to the Seychelles.  You are required to prepare a report on the seasonal dependence of piracy at least 400 km off the coast in the NW Indian Ocean.  You will write a report in Word, with appropriate graphics, and use concepts we have learned in class.

This is a writing requirement. You probably will need about 2 pages of text (double spaced) for a good explanation.

Each figure should have a caption below the figure (e.g. Figure 1.  Climograph of Annapolis, MD.) and be referenced in the text. The directions in the program help file tell you how to cut and paste graphics.