SO262 Satellite Presentation

The syllabus will have a list of student presentations on a satellite image.  These are intended to be a short 3-5 minute, 2-3 Power Point presentation showing a satellite image relating to that day's lesson, and will occur at the beginning of class.  The presentation should show the satellite image, discuss what it shows, and the satellite used to capture the image, the part of the spectrum, and the spatial resolution.

When several presentations cover the same chapter, the students involved will avoid duplication.

The presentation will count as a quiz grade. The presentation will be emailed to the instructor before 0730 on the day of class.

NASA and ESA (the European Space Agency) have web sites that contain a wide variety of satellite imagery, along with tools to search for specific topics.

A class lecture before the first presentation will include an example of what you could include in the presentation.

NASA Visible Earth

NASA Earth Observatory

ESA  has a site