SO422--Nearshore Oceanography

Spring 2009 Lectures


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Wed 01/07/09 Course Introduction    
Mon 01/12/09 Wave Handout

Wave Tables

Waves  p.139-151 Wave calculations
Wed 01/14/09   Wave theories  p.160-176  
Tues 01/20/09   Wave shoaling p.183-189  
Wed 01/21/09   Wave refraction  
Mon 01/26/09   Wave breaking    p.208-216 Onshore-offshore sand transport
Wed 01/28/09   Coastal morphology & classification p.16-43  
Mon 02/02/09   Beach morphology and sediments p.45-62 Duck: waves and bars
Wed 02/04/09 Coastal Engineering Manual, Chap III-1, p.4-14 Sediment grain sizes    
Mon 02/09/09   Sediment grain sizes    Sediment budgets   p.66-72 Wave tank (RI56)
Wed 02/11/09 Exam 1    
Wed 02/18/09   Tides in shallow water   p.87-88; 95-96  
Mon 02/23/09   Sea level rise     p.101-121  
Wed 02/25/09   Coastal response to sea level rise   p.121-129  
Mon 03/02/09   Beach morphology   p.276-291  
Wed 03/04/09   Longshore bars     p.292-302  
Mon 03/09/09   Profile changes    p.302-314; 324-326 Response to engineering structures   p.378-387  
Wed 03/11/09   Longshore and rip currents     p.336-354  
Mon 03/23/09   Cusps & bars p.456-461; 470-486  
Wed 03/25/09   Morphodynamic classification   p.486-493  
Mon 03/30/09     Survey Procedure
Wed 04/01/09 Exam 2    
Mon 04/06/09   Field Trip comp time Field Trip April 7, Field trip comp time
Wed 04/08/09   Field Trip comp time  
Mon 04/13/09   Protection   p.497-500 Beach nourishment  p.500-517  
Wed 04/15/09   Military coastal operations  
Mon 04/20/09   Hard solutions     p.517-534  
Wed 04/22/09   Tsunamis, hurricanes     p.196-199  
Mon 04/27/09 Course Review Course review