SO432, GIS Spring 2014 Alternate

 Create A GIS database


Graded assignment.  You will collect data on 9/3, create the database and export to Google Earth.

You are to design a GIS database for the signs on the Naval Academy.  Your database should be designed to answer the following types of questions:

You should not necessarily restrict your database to only these questions, but should insure that you can answer them.  If your field survey cannot answer some required questions, you can leave the fields blank, but you should have the structure to fill them in later.


  1.  Include a hard copy version of the database in your report (Excel will open the DBF file).
  2. A KMZ file with your database and pictures of each sign.  Use small thumbnail pictures.
  3. You will need 15 signs, and you must insure that you have at least five "types" of sign.  How you define type is up to you, but you must be able to filter the database and color the display based on meaningful types.  Try not to duplicate the areas covered by other groups.
  4. A discussion of what fields you included and why; you need at least 8 fields, at least four of which must be fully populated (a legitimate value for each record).  For unpopulated fields, indicate what will have to be collected or added as time goes on, and what they will add to the database and why you wanted them included.
  5. A retrospective, once you have completed, on whether your field selection was appropriate.
  6. A paragraph, that could be given the Director of Public Works (Navy Captain) on why a GIS data base of signs might be useful to him, and why it would be better than a regular data base.  Include in this how you could address the question of stolen signs.

Detailed directions for this exercise are in the MICRODEM help file for the cemetery option.