SO432, GIS Fall 2009

GIS Registration and Vector Digitizing

Objectives: This lab will teach you

For a sample of what we will be doing, go to where you can see a sample registered map and file with the front lines.  You can also go to where there is file with daily locations for the divisions.

Insure that you have downloaded the newest MICRODEM.(do an update).

There is an option of the "File, Tools, Download data".  You must run it and do the following downloads:

You will probably have to download and install DNR-Garmin so that you can digitize in Google Earth..

You will need these icons, which you can download by right clicking and then picking the save as choice.

Go to and download the daily situation map for the date assigned in the table below.  The file you get will be a JPEG2000 file.

Directions for the lab are in the MICRODEM help file, under "Tutorials and labs", "GIS" , "Register image and digitize" on the table of contents.




Student Date Front Lines Shape File Units Shape File KMZ PNG for date, Registration DBF file Writeup DEM Map with databases Grade
RAN 26 June 1944              
ROS 27 June 1944              
BER 28 June 1944              
BLA 29 June 1944              
BRA 30 June 1944              
BUR 1 July 1944              
GILI 14 July 1944              
HAA 12 July 1944              
HES 15 July 1944              
RYB 16 July 1944              
SWI 22 July 1944              
WAS 23 July 1944              
  24 July 1944              
  2 July 1944              
  3 July 1944              
  4 July 1944