Fall 2008 Lab Schedule

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Tues 08/26/08   Map Projections, Datums, MGRS  
Tues 09/02/08  

Types of map data

Tues 09/09/08  

GPS Surveys and data base creation

Tues 09/16/08   Two part lab  
Tues 09/23/08   Vertical datums  
Tues 09/30/08   Vector GIS--registration and digitizing KML results
Tues 10/07/08   Vector GIS--joins and computations  
Tues 10/14/08   YP686  
Tues 10/21/08   Sidescan search analysis  
Tues 10/28/08   DEMs  
Tues 11/04/08   Fire base camp KML results
Tues 11/11/08 Veteran's Day

NGA data (in class, 11/12/2008)

Tues 11/18/08   Redistricting  
Tues 11/25/08   Final Project  
Tues 12/02/08   Sensor Coverage  
Tues 12/09/08  

Project Presentations